Awaken the heart. A poem and a tune.

I sat at my grandmother’s piano and marvelled at its strength and beauty. 130 or so years is a pretty decent innings. My fingers tentatively stroked the keys, wondering if they had anything unique hiding behind their tips. To be read while listening to the accompanying track.   arise, awaken the sing-song that wanders free like the magpie through the frosty crackling morning dew. tender … Continue reading Awaken the heart. A poem and a tune.


rewired? to rewire, or not to rewire, that is the question. neurones fire at will, never ceasing bar the short burst of quiet during the night watch. days sizzle with the electric eclectic eccentricity of a uniquely wired house; set to blaze throughout the day, hang the cost to body and soul. stop. embers low, the slow enchanting dancing trance that oozes over each wire, … Continue reading rewired?

Trolley bound

Little girl caged Squeezed between the cereal, orange juice and  cob on the corn. The lettuce and  loose beans  bob  along  on top of miniature knees; healthy living front and centre.  Potato chips,  chocolate and cheese rolls  cower at the end of tiny red Mary Janes,  shrouded by the baby cage above,  reality brewing.    (c)2015 Miriam E. Miles. All rights reserved. Continue reading Trolley bound


Products We study the fashion bloggers and The Real Housewives for inspiration, following KK’s guide book to booty like our lives depended on it. A work in progress that needs to be perfected. We nip. We tuck. We gulp down cleansers and visit gyms instead of chapels, working the treadmill like we’re being chased by a rapist. We crave the flat belly of youth because this … Continue reading Products